Sunflower Path Light
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Our bronze Sunflower path light is sculpted and signed by artist Lance Lindsay. Sculpted bronze leaves and petals – it weighs 5 lbs.! The flower head is 7″ across and 4″ deep, and gives up to a 12-foot light spread. The stem is a wider than normal 5/8″ solid copper with extra thick walls for strength. The Sunflower is ideal as a path light, lighting flowerbeds or patios. The NEW 36″ tall sunflower has an even a wider stem (3/4″) and it -is 36″ tall. The extra height and thickness makes it look more like a sculpted pieces of art and gives it a wider light span (16 feet). Excellent for pathways lined by taller plants or as an art piece in a flowerbed.

  • Item #: LL-SF-Path

Sunflower Path Light

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