Star Lily
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Because of its tall and wide spread light pattern, this work horse solid brass sculpted fixture by artist Lance Lindsay is perfect for top of a staircase or long walkways. The Star Lily comes in GOLDEN OPAL (a cross between a shimmering newly opened white rose and mother-of-pearl inlay in a antique musical instrument), SUNSET (orange/yellow/blue like a smoldering caldron) and SUNRISE (yellow/blue/green/red like a Monet garden painting). It stands 26″ tall. The mounting is a 7″ stake, the socket is bayonet 18 watt auto back up bulb or the new LED bulb which is available for all our fixtures. Call for a quote. Glass flowers are easy to remove for cleaning or changing colors. Copyright© Utility Patent – US Patent 6,775,511

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Star Lily

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