Star Lily Chandelier - 10-Light
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Designed by artist Lance Lindsay, this incredible piece is handmade by our craftsmen in solid copper. The flowers and buds feature our Golden Opal hand blown glass and coordinates beautifully with our Star Lily sconces. Although this chandelier is beautiful enough to grace an indoor dining room, we built it for outdoor use…it is a stunning feature in an outdoor room. Each piece is custom made and you have a choice of Finish– either our popular rubbed bronze or a soft green patina for weathered garden look. Each Star Lily Chandelier uses the best electronics - porcelain/silver sockets that are non-corrosive and can withstand the elements. Low voltage bulbs, copper mounting plate and solid brass chain are included. The exterior/ 12 volt version features a protective insert for each Star Lily Flower–a custom tip to protect the bulbs from snow/rain/sleet. (see our Tulip Cluster garden light). For those customers who wish to use LED bulbs, they are available for an additional cost.

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Star Lily Chandelier - 10-Light

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