Royal Evening Primrose
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Our copyright/patented Royal Evening Primrose garden/path light features a signed hand blown glass flower with two buds in an iridescent golden opal. Imagine a cross between a luminescent newly opened white rose and the mother-of-pearl inlay in an old fine musical instrument. Ask about the new golden tip Bud. The extra thick solid bronze leaves, crown and sepal were sculpted, designed and signed by artist Lance Lindsay. They show incredible 3-dimensional detail not seen in other garden lights. This is garden art that also lights your garden. It throws a 12 ft. light spread with both flower and buds casting light – truly a show stopper. The Royal Evening Primrose weights in at a hefty 8.5 lbs. Included with this light are extra easy to find bulbs or for an additional charge LED’s. Also a 9.5 NPT extra wide stake.Design Patent – US Patent D411,465SCopyright© Utility Patent – US Patent 6,775,511

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Royal Evening Primrose

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