House Numbers Sign
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Size: 17" Wide / 8" Tall Materials: Mild Steel (18 gauge) Stainless Steel (20 gauge) Please see 2nd item above for view of numbers. You may request a mock up if you would like to view it before purchasing.Each piece is cut individually and then rivited together in the corners. We have a flower design that is in each upper corner of the plaque. There are two half round mounting spots along the top for screwing or mounting to the surface of your choice. The back piece has been pre-rusted ahead of time before cutting, and then sprayed with a clear laquer type product intended for metal. The front piece is stainless steel, and is brushed after cutting and clear coated as well. All levels of rust can vary depending on how long it has weathered prior to assembly.
  • Item #: WD-Housesign

House Numbers Sign

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