English Cottage Shepard's Hook
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This Lance Lindsay designed curved roof garden lamp, like the eighteenth century Chippendale furniture, is a combination of the Asian and English design influence. This 1999 Copy Right eclectic piece is equally at home in a Japanese water garden as it is in a Craftsmen cottage or in a English garden. Unlike almost any current garden lanterns, this piece is made out of all copper instead of powder-coated metal or brass. This means besides the extra expense of copper it has to have the added expense hand welding with silver solder. This is due to the heat expanding qualities of copper. Metal and brass can be machine spot-welded. This versatile piece comes with a large matching porch size wall mount, and Extra Large Estate size wall mount and an extra Large Pilaster. Now your front gate column pilaster light can match your pathway and porch lights. Weight 3.5 lbs., Height 25″, Lamp size 6″x7″, light spread 12′, bulb 18 watt bayonet or LED, Stake 9.5″ NPT.

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English Cottage Shepard's Hook

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