Canterbury Porch Light
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Our Canterbury Porch Lantern is all handmade copper with the popular rubbed bronze or soft green patina finish. The iridescent honey opal glass (French glass) gives off a warm glow that actually gives you more visibility than clear glass. The irritating clear white glass look makes your iris shut down making everything around the bright light look dark. There is a glass panel on the bottom to hide the bulb and give more downward light on all wall-mounted pieces. Available in our usual 12 Volt low voltage or 110V AC version. Because you can’t see the bulb with stained glass we recommend you use those ugly energy efficient fluorescent to save on electricity. This piece can be ordered in Porch size or Estate size Wall Mount, hanging or Estate size Pilaster Mount. Coordinating path lights are also available in 12 volt with copper leaves. This means you can walk through your stone column gate with our extra large Canterbury pilaster sitting on top, along your shepherds hook lantern lit winding pathway and up to your front door with wall mounted or hanging Canterbury lights all matching. Overall height 16″ x 7 (8″diagonal). Lantern 12.5″ x 7″-8″. Back plate 10″ x 4.5″. We also do custom work. If you can design it, we can make it.

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Canterbury Porch Light

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