Canterbury Lantern Shepard's Hook
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This is an unusual six sided traditional countryside English lantern designed by artist Lance Lindsay. Most lanterns are only four sided and are much easier and less expensive to make. You will notice the small time-consuming detail in the roof and base of this lantern. It is made of solid copper and is hand cut and hand welded using silver solder for extra strength. This handsome piece comes with a larger matching porch wall mount, an extra large Estate wall mount and an extra large Pilaster. Now you can have that custom matching look from the Pilaster at the front gate, hanging lanterns along the pathway and up to your front porch with wall mount or hanging lantern. Weight 3.5 lbs., Height 25″, Lamp head 6′x7″, light spread 12′, bulb 18 watt bayonet or LED upon request

  • Item #: LL-Cant-lantern

Canterbury Lantern Shepard's Hook

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