Calla Lily Landscape Light
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This exquisite 6.5 lbs fixture is one of our most popular fixtures. The Burmese Calla Lily features a 6″x9″ hand blown glass flower and a tall stem with two twisted solid brass leaves sculpted and designed by artist Lance Lindsay. These extra thick labor-intensive lost-wax sand-cast leaves show incredible 3-dimensional detail not seen in other garden lights. This non-rust, non-ferrous brass comes with a soft green patina that only becomes more beautiful with time. The very tall elegant fixture throws a 12 ft. light spread and is often used in pots at the front entrance to a hotel or home, along the front of an estate or along an important garden path. The extra thick hand/blown glass flowers are easy to remove for cleaning or changing colors. There are three beautiful colors to choose from. A wonderful addition to any garden! With a light spread of 12 feet this light can be used for path lighting, specimen plant highlighting, or can stand alone as a piece of garden art. 18 watt bulb and 9.5″ NPT stake are included. Copyright© Utility Patent – US Patent 6,775,511

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Burmese Calla Lily

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